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Cathy and I would like to thank all of you at Unique Kitchens for a job well done. Ted and Frans did a great job completing out new main bathroom. They were professional and thorough and we are delighted with the finished results. Rosanna, we were also very pleased with the way you organized our project from the office and your visits to our home. The process you followed was very organized and kept us in the loop at all times. The job was completed in a short amount of time, which we appreciated, and once again Manny did a beautiful job with the tile work. Rosanna, we really enjoyed working with you. Bob and Brenda, you are fortunate to have such high quality people on your staff. They take pride in their work and offer many good suggestions as the work progresses. Thank you for a job well done and know that we will speak highly of your company to our friends.

- Cathy & Dave MacKenzie

Thanks for the rejuvenating our home with a new kitchen! We are very pleased with the finished project - it has certainly made a difference in our main living space. Nellie has asked that our thoughts be expressed in writing. We are very happy to respond to this request.



We were impressed with the willingness of your Unique designer to work with us in order to design a kitchen which was aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and functional. We were able to combine our ideas with Unique's experience and expertise to come up with our final design. We were also impressed with the hands-on approach during the design through the construction phase. Emergency modifications were not a problem. Little esthetic 'extras' were also added to make the kitchen even more pleasing.



Professional installers carefully constructed the kitchen - there are no gaps, uneven angles in the completed product. Unique Cabinet installers work was completed neatly and efficiently, with minimal disruption during the renovation period.


Quality Product

We can attest to the quality of the Unique Cabinet Product. With a young family this kitchen has already been tested. The product is solid and unique cabinets clean up really nice! 


From design, professional installation to quality product - we are happy with our Unique Kitchen!

- Frank E. Koenig & Family


Unique did a fabulous job on our kitchen. We would use them again and highly recommend them.

- Mr. & Mrs. P. Iglic

We love what Unique did for our kitchen. We have, and will continue to recommend them to all our friends. We invite anyone to contact us for a reference.

- Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert

We use Unique all the time and would not go anywhere else for our cabinets.

- Mrs. K. Bonanno

Unique has supplied all the cabinets for our new house. Everything was great – design, quality and service.

- Mr. & Mrs. Terlizzese

We can never thank you enough for the cabinetry in our new home. Each of our bathrooms look simply stunning, our laundry room is amazing and functional but best of all is our spectacular kitchen! The custom solid walnut doors and the gables made all the difference. Thanks for your patience and understanding throughout the whole process as well as your excellent after sales service. A million sincerest thank you's!

- Yvonne & Brad

We wanted to thank you for all your help with our kitchen renovation. Who knew it was going to be such a big job! Your design is beautiful and so, so functional. Its hard to remember what it used to look like even. We're so used to it now and it just suits the way we live perfectly. The area that was supposed to be the dining area has now become a cozy sitting room and we love it. Now people can sit in comfort while I cook - that is when I cook! Ha Ha! Hope to see you soon! Drop in for a glass of wine and a peak at the kitchen any time!

- Janice & Woody

We would like to thank Irene and all the staff at Unique Kitchens of Burlington for their help and expertise with our kitchen renovation. Living out of town while doing a renovation is difficult but Irene ensured everything went smoothly from the design through to the install of cabinets, granite counter tops, tile back splash and the exhaust fan. We were pleased with all the work done; the kitchen came out amazing! It was very disappointing to be selling the house and not be able to take the kitchen with us!

Thank you Irene; you were so helpful at every step through the process! The trades people you arranged did a wonderful job and clean up. I was there the day Oscar installed the tile and I was very impressed by how hard he worked and the finished job! Irene, I really don't think this kitchen renovation would have happened without your help and expertise. Also, thank you to all the staff at Unique. I believe I had contact with every single employee in your showroom, including the owner Bob, and everyone was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.


We highly recommend Unique based on the quality of your cabinets and kitchen install and the great service we got from all your staff! An added bonus was the great value we got for our money! We would be happy to provide a reference if requested."

- Terry Franko

Cathy and I wanted to thank Unique Kitchens for doing an excellent job on our bathroom renovations. Ted did an outstanding job as our contractor. We were impressed with the degree of professionalism all of your trade people displayed. Jamie, it was great working with you and aside from a few delays which we're sure every project experiences, we enjoyed the process. We would be remiss if we didn't extend a sincere thank you to Ted. As the quarterback for this project we couldn't have asked for a better combination of building knowledge and easygoing personality. As a result of this experience we would certainly recommend your company to our friends. Thanks again - its nice to see many people in various trades continue to take pride in their work.

- Cathy & Dave Mackenzie 

We're very happy with the kitchen and can't thank you enough for the extra effort that was put in to correct the situation with the fridge. All your contractors did a fabulous job and i would have no issues recommending you going forward.

- Lawrie Butchard

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